Play and Competition

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How do most people feel about competition these days? I believe that completion is beneficial for kids. It keeps the game alive. It makes people work harder. It can build team bonding, especially in a game where you need your teammates to help you win a game. Competition is also something that comes naturally. Baseball is a big part of my life, it is a competitive sport. One of the reasons I love baseball is the competition. To be the first place team wins you a lot of respect. Others might say being competitive can cause problems for kids who always finish last, or can’t win a game. If a person loses at stuff all the time he may decide to quit playing. Competition improves a person state of mind. It doesn’t matter if you’re the winning or losing during the game, because at that time you are just focused on doing the best you can. Dr. Tavers found that most kids work harder when something is on the line. It is also very satisfying to know you have won or been the best at something. The loser or person who doesn’t do as well will usually feel upset, they may be angry. Some people think to it is too hard on kids to lose at things. They believe everything should be even and fair, everyone comes in first and everyone gets a medal just because they tried hard. I think without it, why bother playing at all, if you can’t be the best it takes the fun out of it. When you are a little kid you can be a little less competitive than when you are a teenager. You may not realize that being the best at something is something to be proud of. As a teenager in high school you find out just how competitive people can be. Playing a game competitively is what makes the game exciting. Others think it is bad for a kid’s self-esteem. Everyone is good at something so if they lose at one type of sport, they may win at another. Competition in sports is beneficial for kids today. It keeps the game alive. It makes you try harder than you normally would. It builds...
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