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Plant based diet could save lives

By carmedina Apr 16, 2014 284 Words
Fruits and Vegetables Can Save Lives
The film Forks Over Knives could save lives by promoting a plant-based diet. The film demonstrates that changing diet can make a difference in a person’s health and save lives. Altering a person’s diet can improve health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. In the film, two doctors who were interviewed recommended plant-based diet to improve one of their patient’s blood pressures. The patient’s diet was changed from meat based to plant based. After several weeks of consuming plant-based diet the patient it was observed that blood pressure improved. Another positive effect of a plant-based diet is that it can reduce prescribed medications. The film shows that when the patient regularly consumes fruits and vegetables or plant-based diet blood pressure and cholesterol level improved. As a result, the patient was able to reduce prescribed medication and eventually saved money. The benefits of eating plant-based diet have shown that health conditions can be improved. According to the research and testimonies, Forks Over Knives encourages people to change from meat diet to plant-based diet since researches found that health conditions such as obesity and high blood pressure can be reversed hence a person will be able to improve health and save life. Moreover one source in the film, Dr. Esseltyn also discovered that consuming high amount of fruits and vegetables could deter cancer cell growth that will save lives. The film also points out that processed food could trigger cancer cells to reproduce and to prevent reproduction plant based diet was recommended. Therefore changing to a plant-based diet improves health, saves money and reduces medication which can eventually can save lives.

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