Pink Floyd's Legacy to Music

Topics: Progressive rock, Rock music, Pink Floyd Pages: 4 (1600 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Fernando Salazar
Professor Marvin Campbell
ENWR 1510
21 March 2013
Pink Floyd’s Legacy to Music

[Status quo] In their active years, Pink Floyd was one of the most celebrated rock bands. Their musicianship and creative approach to music was different to what everyone else was doing, playing with a wide range of effects and techniques. This intrigued people and provided Floyd with critical acclaim; nevertheless, it couldn’t hold on forever, and eventually Pink Floyd’s popularity slowly decreased. Their name started to get blur in new generations, especially in the youth. [Destabilizing Condition] However, despite the ever-increasing decline of their popularity in the new generation of listeners, Pink Floyd’s legacy continued to be and still is relevant in music. [Consequence] It is especially remarkable because with the simple acknowledgement of taste decline towards ‘Floyd and leaving them in oblivion, one ignores a band that contributed in aspects of music that we still see in our time. [Response – Claim] These include, amongst others, the rise of progressive rock in the mainstream, the popularization of concept albums, and the revolution of live shows.

As stated in the aforementioned, Pink Floyd is significant in modern music given that they did key contributions in Progressive Rock, a genre that has remained and developed to our days. One of ‘Floyd’s uniqueness is that in their time, no one knew what exactly what they were doing or where were they going in their sound because of the propensity they had to explore new grounds. Floyd’s sound began with a poppy acid like psychedelic rock, conducted by the brilliance of Pink Floyd’s first guitarist, “Syd” Barret. After Syd left, David Gilmour took his place and changed the psych jam sound to a more elaborate sound that eventually led to their renown progressive sound. This new sound gained accessibility to their music, at the point of becoming U.S. superstars with the release of their biggest hit, The...

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