Pierre Frankel in Moscow Presentation

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Pierre Frankel in
Moscow (A):
Unfreezing Change
Case Study

Organizational Development and Change Management


Pierre Frankel, the Deputy Managing Director aka
COO of a global technology company, H-IT, is sent
to Moscow, Russia to turn around the Russian

Must report to subsidiary’s Managing Director,
Lebedev – Main reason for organization’s

To Lebedev and rest of workforce, Frankel =

Frankel’s first 3 months in Moscow

Spent time learning more about the organization’s operations and coming up with a groundwork for change

1. Sought support of all relevant members of the organization, including the LoB leaders as well as informal leaders, such as Nadia (head of HR)

2. Met with one of the employees {recognized as open-minded}

3. Attempted to hire a native Russian

4. Continued to learn of the extent of the MD’s organizational influence

5. Experienced a lot of passive resistance

Russians have a deep sense of national identity and exhibit a strong mistrust of outsiders

Ultimate goal was to improve H-IT’s performance and ensure an increase in profitability

First 3 months in Moscow were not easy, but he did not give up

How effective has Frankel been to

Efficient but not very effective yet

Although, he had taken active steps to prepare the
organization for change, No visible results as of yet

Corporate executives and employees starting to
question Frankel’s credibility

Obstacles faced by Frankel

subsidiary was not complying with the
company’s processes and guidelines which
were followed globally.
Frankel had no support from the Managing
Director – Sergei Lebedev
He had no staff, no assistance
Frankel experienced passive resistance from
the Russian employees
Time constraint

Obstacles faced by Frankel

The Russian subsidiary viewed Frankel as an
outsider who is trying to bring a lot of structural
changes and disturb the subsidiary’s way of
running daily operations.

Top-down hierarchy

Lack of transparency

The working environment fostered by Lebedev
discouraged teamwork and openness which led to
dissatisfied employees lacking in innovation.

Pierre’s Guiding Coalition

Try to build a coalition with:

Sergei Lebedev the Managing Director first.

EMEA/CEE management team

 Informal

leaders, such as Nadia Abramova (HR

 Formal

leaders (LoB) managers to get everyone’s

 The

workforce (450 employees)

Transforming your Organization process by John

Establishing a sense of urgency

Forming a coalition and creating a vision

Communicating the vision

Empower others to act on the vision

Create short-term wins

Consolidating improvement and

Institutionalizing new approaches

Some HR initiatives take longer to see results; however,
we do have an action plan in place to give you a better
understanding of where we are headed
1. Increase employee commitment

Foster a culture of appreciation

Financial rewards (i.e. spot rewards)

Non-monetary compensation (i.e. recognition of accomplishments)

Provide growth opportunities

Try to engage employees – collectively

2. Build a more collaborative approach

Promote innovation and teamwork – team building exercises


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