Physical Therapy for Abandoned and Abused Animals

Topics: Animal welfare, Abuse, Animal rights Pages: 8 (2929 words) Published: May 29, 2013

Honors English 9

13 May, 2013

Physical Therapy for Abandoned and Abused Animals

For this research project I’ve chosen the topic of Physical Therapy for Abandoned and Abused Animals. This topic relates to my life because my dog, Max, was abandoned. It also relates to my life by my career path of becoming a Sports Physical Therapist for the NFL (National Football League) or MLB (Major League Baseball). The topic that I have chosen falls under the category Community and Service. I want to raise awareness throughout the community on physical therapy for abandoned and abused animals. No animal should be abandoned or abused. This is why I want to make a fresh, clean start and give animals the love and affection that they need in order to maintain a happy life. Though with this baby step animals can be on their way to a better, happier life rather than a tragic ending.

Techniques that I used for my research project were news articles, animal abuse cases, informational articles, and of mental and physical effects of animal abuse and abandonment. These resources were very helpful because they gave me a wider range of knowledge on my topic. I decided on a survey because I wanted to know how people were aware, what they believe should be done, what they should do, and how they

contribute a helping hand to stop this alarming issue. The survey aided me by the realization that people were aware and willing to help though did not know where to begin. Through the process of research and also through my research skills I was able to learn my writing level, impacts on animals, and my sympathy which became of me when writing this research project. I found my primary source through classmates, family, and friends. I choose these research methods because I knew these were reliable sources, informational, and could help me along the way to writing my project for the present audience and communities that are to become aware. Have you ever seen the Animal Human Society commercials? The animals with no twinkle of a star, in their eyes, no sound, no smile, no home, and no love. Sad songs play in the background such as Sarah Mclachlan’s song “Angel”. These commercials make me stopped suddenly one day and cry, holding all my dogs. Animal abuse and abandonment are one of the most known cases in the United States by not many do anything about it. Georgia’s state average for dog fighting in 2007 to 2010 averaged 10 to 11 cases a year. There are many types of animal abuse such as burning, cutting, stabbing, beating, and many others. One of the most common types of animal abuse known is dog fighting. Although there are laws and society groups set to help animals it doesn’t completely help them. Humans today still neglect animals against the law. Animal laws and rights were created to help protect these animals but debates still go on about the creation of these laws and rights. You may be able to see the bruises and scars but you’ll never be able to touch or see the emotional effects that it has on animals. My chosen topic of Physical Therapy for Abandoned and Abused Animals is to raise awareness to others 3

that even though there are many others trying to help animals in need, there should be more done. The start of that is with physical therapy. Physical therapy for abandoned and abused animals is one of the biggest hills but smallest step for animals to recover from a terrible state-of-mind and health.

Over 100 million animals- rats, mice, cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, monkeys, including many others- are killed in the U.S laboratories for chemical, food, drug, and cosmetic tests each year. “Beautifying oneself has been going on since we were cavemen. If it’s proven to reduce suffering through animal tests, it’s not wrong to use them” (Tipu Aziz, Oxford-based neurosurgeon). Although if it was so to be proven that it does reduce suffering through animals, it is still suffering. If it was proven to “reduce...
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