Physical Therapy

Topics: Exercise, Therapy, Massage Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: April 10, 2013
There are many incidents in life that cause people to have a need for physical therapy. Whether it is a sports related injury, a car accident, or something out of the ordinary the need is there. Doctors recommend PT in most all cases. Physical therapy is an exercise treatment methodology aimed at the treatment and curing of certain physical ailments, through exercise and stretching. The primary aim for physical therapy (or physiotherapy), is to get the patient well and back to normal, free from pain or suffering, so that he/she can then lead a normal life; performing all of their daily activities with minimal or no difficulty. While at the same time preventing the chances of any re-occurrences further on down the road. Physical therapy deals with cardiopulmonary and neurological conditions, permanent disabilities, as well as crippling diseases such as arthritis, lower back pain, or cerebral palsy. Recovering after surgery or an injury is difficult, but in order to receive the full benefits of physical therapy, it is important that the patient follow the instructions of the physiatrist. In many cases, after a few sessions, people think that they know the exercises well enough and can do the rehabilitation quite effectively without any external help. However, such acts generally cause more damage to the existing injury than providing any real benefits. Those working at the physical therapy facility are there to help support and motivate the patients for a speedy recovery. There are many different things physical therapist may make their patients do, some exercises may make the patient feel silly, but it is the little things that help the most. It is important that the patient do everything the physical therapist tells him/her too. They know best and will work hard to get there patient back and running in full swing again. Completing physical therapy at home is important also. Exercises will be given to the patient and it is very important the patient do them. The...
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