Photoshop should be banned for models

Topics: Eating disorders, Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa Pages: 5 (1520 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Digitally altering pictures or ‘Photoshopping’ is the norm of not only the fashion industry but any industry related to print media nowadays. Retouching pictures has not blossomed due to technology, we can trace it back to 1500’s when the period of high renaissance art was fading away a new form of art was emerging known as Mannerism which applauded the modified physic of the subjects over the regular ones(1). Setting impossible standards, models are made to look like virtual perceptions and nothing like their own selves. Being in the fashion industry, models that are already in perfect shape and in the pursuit of the ‘size 0’ are slimmed down to a point where the alteration is very apparent. Their faces enhanced, their curves made prominent, their wrinkles smoothed out and their tan sprayed are few of the many wonders digital alteration can offer. Not restricted to celebrities or models only, youngster’s today use editing applications to soften the tones and apply various filters that can hide blemishes whiten their tone and bring out clearer skin. These alterations are not offensive to some and they also argue that not only does this catch the viewer’s eye; it can associate a sense of beauty with the related product. Photoshopping in general should be restricted to colors and lighting and should not be used to alter models as this can set unrealistic standards for women and can incorrectly define beauty. Media around us causes body dissatisfaction in teens. The world around us is flooded with the mass media (television, videos, films, movies, billboards, magazines, newspapers, music, fashion designers and the Internet). Staggering statistics reveal that, on average, a child or adolescent watches up to 5 h of television per day and spends an average of 6 to 7 h viewing the various media combined. (3) As seen exposure to these common forms of adverts is an enormous part of a child’s life. The altered women on these media are the inspiration to many and they are what most girls look up to. While obviously no model looks like that in real life, there’s a psychological impact on adolescent girls to look more and more like them. Young girls have higher body dissatisfaction when compared to boys, they generally want to weigh less and have a thinner waist. In a study it was seen that after the viewing of slender bodies and altered images the body image was more negative in girls, this negativity was strong in teens. Photoshopped images can lead to unrealistic body standards for women and can in turn lead to body dissatisfaction. Body dissatisfaction in teens can lead to severe anxiety, depression and can cause teens to have more suicidal thoughts than the average teen that doesn’t really care about their body. Teens are distressed and troubled due to their body image to such an extent that they need psychiatric help. More problematically the signs of body dissatisfaction are ignored in most teens and are given treatment aimed at mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and posttraumatic stress disorder. Shy about their bodies they may not speak up and often remain uncured. Body dissatisfaction can lead to eating disorders. This is not only limited or focused to adolescent girls. The general body image is getting thinner and thinner day by day and added the Photoshop effect some of the bodies are very disproportionate. Their body type is what physicians would call anorexic. In the pursuit to look like models or to say be ‘The cover girl’ most girls starve themselves and refuse to eat all day. The negative image of their bodies can lead teen to tremendously alter their diets which can has severe adverse effects on their health. Dieting in teens that are not even overweight is rising day by day; this crash dieting can lead to Anorexia Nervosa. Anorexia nervosa is a psychological condition in which the patient does not suffer a loss of appetite for food but has them restricted to what and how much they can eat. People might disregard this...
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