Photographs are Important Me

Topics: Family, Emotion, Daughter Pages: 4 (889 words) Published: April 15, 2014

Why are Photographs important in my life? Photographs are important to me for several reasons. I will cover every aspect of why my photos even share an amazement that have enriched my life. My photos are a part of my true legacy. I love seeing how the recording of history as changed since the invention of photography’s. My photos have the power to move me when it seems like I am not in reach of my true feeling at some points in my life journey. My photos have caused a priceless enrichment that have allowed me to share every kind of emotions that God have created for mankind to express when face with what realness of viewing photos that bring alive every memory whether it is good or bad to face the different emotions that seem raw but real yet sending me one message when viewing them and that is I love my family. When viewing my photos it help my world to continue to rotate around and to keep push with perseverance regardless of all my past and current hurts. My photos provide me with memories of ancestors, deceased love ones and those who are alive. However I view my photos realizing that when life is all done memories are all you have to share. My photos help me to see one key aspect and that is I love my family because each and every one matters in my life. So to prove all the love that I have for my family I have displayed photos all around my home. I have displays of the moments of our most priceless and memorable moments displaying on my cellphone ,work place and both computer devices to share with others while exemplifying a clear message of how much purpose in life my photos give to me. They can keep memories alive so that I am able to focus on particular moments. My photos of my love ones who are all dead such as my parents, maternal grandparents, a favorite aunt and many more family members are all so heartfelt and the emotions in my photos seems to jump right out of the prints. Suddenly those photos...
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