phl320 r2 critical analysis worksheet

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Critical Analysis Worksheet

Read “Common Core” and “The Battle Against Common Core Standards.”

Perform a critical analysis of each reading using critical thinking techniques from this week’s readings.

Respond to the following based on your critical thinking analysis of the “Common Core” and “The Battle Against Common Core Standards” readings.

1) Define the term conclusion.
Aside from being the obvious result or closing, a conclusion is also “a proposition concluded or inferred from the premises of an argument” as defined by This means, the conclusion is a final logically reasoned deduction.

2) What is the conclusion of each article?
The conclusion from the “Common Core” perspective is that students will learn the essentials for success in college and business prior to graduating high school. The conclusion for those that are in “The Battle Against Common Core Standards” is that implementing these standards is politically motivated and not in the best interest of students.

3) Define the term premises.
The premise is the basis of support for a given conclusion.

4) What premises support the conclusions in each article?
Those working against common core implementation cite government control due to the funding provided to school districts and lack of proof that the system works as basic reasons for their conclusions. Those in favor of common core cite better prepared graduating students, a more educated workforce, and standardization amongst students. The article indicated that if districts had to define their own educational standards, they would start by seeking out “common core standards.”

5) How convincing is the conclusion of each article? Explain your answer. I was more convinced by the arguments in favor of implementing common core standards. I noticed more bias in Smith’s article against common core implementation. I was more convinced by Sell’s article because of the...

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