Topics: Wealth, Malnutrition, Poverty Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: December 17, 2013
Eggnonian Economic Justice
I am a member of the country of Begonia’s Grand Council on Ethics. The council has been given charge of deciding whether or not our country of Eggnonia is morally obligated to send famine relief to the neighboring country of Furesia. As you all know in centuries past, both countries had thriving economies that were based on the frazzle. I am sure you all know this animal very well. The problem is that the frazzles no longer grow fur when in captivity and the Furesian economy is in ruin because of their reliance on the frazzle fur. We are the ones that put the frazzles in captivity so are we morally obliged as a prosperous nation to aid the country of Furesia in their time of need? According to Singer’s views we are morally obligated to assist the Furesians in this situation. They are starving to the brink of death well we remain well-fed sometimes even over-fed. We as a country are in absolute affluence which means that we have more wealth or goods than we need we should be able to financially aid Furesia, a country in a state of absolute poverty which is the opposite of absolute affluence. Furesia does not have enough wealth or goods to support a normal, healthy society.  If it is in our power to prevent something very bad from happening we should do it. If we see a child drowning we would morally obliged to save that child even if it means getting our clothes wet. If we can save something of moral significance without sacrificing something of equal or greater moral significance then we should do it.  This is the view of Singer. In this situation Singer would make all of us Eggnonian give 10 percent of our income to those people that are in absolute poverty in Furesia. He would say that should not be difficult because we all are in a state of absolute affluence. It is the morally correct thing to do. Although some other philosophers like Van Wyk...
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