Philippine ROTC instructions

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 23 SOP
1. Saluting Business
2. Greeting Business
3. Side stepping
4. Always begin and end with sir or
Madam when talking to your upper
5. Knock twice before entering or living
The room or office
6. Always ask permission before talking
To your upper class
7. Always occupy ¼ of your set
8. Avoid familiarizing your upper classman
9. No smoking or liquor drinking
10. Always consult the bulletin board
11. Always stand at attention while talking
To your classman
12. Always say mate or buddy to your
13. Don’t squeal
14. Avoid malingering
15. Always move at double
16. Seat erect
17. Caution to your classmate regarding
His/her posture
18. Always be log-in and log-out
19. Always attend duty
20. Make your excuses reasonable
21. Do not seat if your upper classman to
Do so
22. Do not make any promises if you can
Not hope it
23. Do not open a topic to your upper

11 General Order

1) To take charge of this post and all
Government property in view
2) To walk my post in military manner,
Keeping always on alert, and observing
Everything that takes place within my
Sight or hearing.
3) To report all violations of orders I am
instructed to enforce.
4) To report all call from the post more
distant from the guard house than my
5) To quit my post only when properly
6) To receive, obey, and past on to the
sentinel who relieves me all orders
from the Commanding Officer, Officer
of the Day, and Non-Commissioned
Officers of the guard only.
7) To talk to no one except in the lines of duty
8) To give alarm in case of fire disorder
9) To call the Commander of the relief in
Any case not covered b instruction.
10) To salute all officers and all colors and
Standard not cased.
11) To be specially watchful at night
During the times of challenging,
to challenge all persons on or near my
post, and allow no one to pass
without proper authority.

Loyalty Pledge

If you work for a man in heaven’s name,
Work for him, speak well of him an stand by
The institution he represent.

Remember an ounce of loyalty is worth
A pound of cleverness. If must growl , condemn
And eternally find fault, why resign your
Position, and when you are in an outside damn
To your heart’s content but as long as you are part of the institution do not condemn it. If you Do, the first high winds that comes along will
Blow you away and probably you will never
Know why.

Military Professionalism

Men who adapt the profession of arms
Submit their own free will to a law of perpetual
Constraint at their own accord they reject their
Rights to live where they choose, to say what
They think, to dress as they like. From the moment they become soldiers, it needs but an order to settle them in this place, to move them to that, to separate them from their families and dislocate their normal lives. On the word of command, they must rise, march, run, endure, bad weather, go without sleep or food, be isolated in some distant post, work until they drop. They have ceased to be the master of their own fate. If they drop in their tracks and if ashes are scattered to the four winds, that is all part and parcel of their job.

Military Principles

Know your men and seek self-improvement
Be technically and tactically proficient
Seek responsibility and take responsibility for our actions
Make sound and timely decisions
Set an example
Know your men and look out for their welfare
Keep your men informed
Develop sense of responsibility in your subordinates
Insure that task is understood, supervised and accomplished
Train your men as a team
Employ your command/unit in accordance with its capabilities

Salute- is the most important and the most common form of all military courtesy

Is the act of politeness, civility and respect to those personnel in a military organization accord to one...
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