Ph Determination of Solution

Topics: Obesity, Cancer, Nutrition Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: April 19, 2010
Lung cancer kills more people in one year than all criminal and accidental deaths combined. These statistics are shocking, but the good news is that people are now well-informed about the risks connected to lung cancer. They know that their risk of contracting this terrible disease decreases if they either stop smoking or do not smoke at all. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about other types of cancer. Many people are not aware that their everyday behavior can lead to the development of these different forms of cancer. By eating better, exercising regularly, and staying out of the sun, people can reduce their risks. Instead of foods that are good for them, people often eat hamburgers, cheese, French fries, and pizza. These common foods contain large amounts of saturated fat, which is the worst kind of fat. Though light and fat-free products are constantly being introduced to the consumer market, many people still buy food that contains fat because it often tastes better. However, eating fatty food can increase a person’s chances for some kinds of cancer. People do not eat as many fresh vegetables and fresh fruits as they used to. Instead, they now eat a lot more processed foods that do not contain natural fiber. Lack of fiber in a person’s diet can increase the chance of colon cancer. In the past, people with less information about nutrition actually had better diets than people do today. They also had fewer cases of cancer. Many people today are overweight, and being overweight has been connected to somekinds of cancer. This is the generation that started the couch potato boom, and today’s couch potatoes are bigger than ever. Health experts warn that being overweight is a risk not only for heart disease but also for certain kinds of cancer. The best way to attain a healthy weight again is to cut back on the amount of food and to exercise regularly. It is not possible to do only one of these and lose weight permanently. The improved diet must be in...
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