Peter the Panderer

Topics: Logic, Critical thinking, Thought Pages: 1 (551 words) Published: November 2, 2014

Peter the PandererSusan Phillips
National American University
Peter the PandererIn this political speech I have identified the arguments and non-arguments, facts and non-facts, statements that are subjective, and the statements that are relativist ("The Basic Concepts of Critical Thinking," 2013). The arguments I identified would be in these statements that support final claims. The fifth paragraph shows an argument “our community endured the same hard times.” The supporting statement would be Peters father was laid off at the steel mill, then their family did not have enough money for school, and the football season was cancelled due to low funding. The fourth paragraph contains non-argument, because Peter says that Jon wants you to “fear losing your job, experience hard times, and that he wants to destroy America.” Peter does not explain how Jon is going to make us afraid, make us experience these hard times, and how he will destroy America. There are no explanations that support the claims and that’s why it is a non-argument ("The Basic Concepts of Critical Thinking," 2013). Facts can be answered by objective tests ("The Basic Concepts of Critical Thinking," 2013). A non-factual issue cannot be proven by experiments. The following statements are facts in paragraph two, “Wall street journal recently reported that unemployment has risen 4 percent. Also it says “In 2009 he signed an executive order.” In paragraph three, a factory worker was laid off in Michigan. In paragraph four, “The average American family now earns 5,000 dollars less per year.” In paragraph five, “Our high school football season was cancelled due to lack of funding. I believe these statements can be proven to be true or false. These statements are non-facts in paragraph one, “We are at a turning point in our history.” In paragraph two, “America is the greatest country on earth.” Paragraph five says “All of us felt that outsourcing was unethical.” All these statements...

References: Learning Plan 1: The Basic Concepts of Critical Thinking. (2013). In Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Instructional Material (4th ed., p. 4, 12). National American University.
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