Persuasion And Its Definition

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Literature Review
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Persuasion and its definition

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Study question
What is the key element to render the definition of persuasion? And how broad persuasion can be defined?

Literature Review
The review of these literatures is to have a better understanding of persuasion beyond its lexical meaning originated in late 14th century from Old French “persuasion” and Latin “persuasionem” rested on an action or argument to induce or persuade or convince someone to believe in something (, October 26, 2014). The aforementioned study question is to bring about the understanding aspect of defining persuasion in social science, in particular, revolving around human communication which aims to accomplish in understanding, pleasure, attitude influence, improved relationship and action for the ultimate goal (Tubbs & Moss,1994, p.21). Many scholars support the idea of necessary in understanding the definition of persuasion, for instance, Herbert W. Simons states “persuaders frequently attempt to persuade us that they are not persuaders. These facts alone should prompt us to attend carefully to questions of scope and definition” (1986, p.17) ; the attempt that O’Keefe, Simons, and Gass & Seiter seriously study on defining persuasion as a stepping stone to persuasion’s concept and theories.

The well-known in studying persuasion is during World War II by Carl I. Hovland. In his book, Communication and Persuasion (1953), without giving a specific definition of persuasion Hovland engages persuasion to opinion change. Though he agrees that opinion and attitude is pally to implicit response the difference lies between being changed consciously or opinion change and being changed unconsciously or attitude change. Mountain of his research results of the effective communication in regards...

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