Perspective On the Sinking of the Titanic

Topics: Mummy, Ancient Egypt, RMS Titanic Pages: 1 (411 words) Published: October 19, 2013
One perspective on the sinking of the Titanic is that it sunk due to a coal fire in the bunkers that led to the ship travelling at unsafe speeds towards iceberg-laden waters. According to the theory released by Ohio State university engineer Robert Essenhigh a pile of stored coal had begun to smother. The crew had thought to gain control over their situation, more coal was to be put into the furnaces. Robert Essenhigh had indicated that records proved a fire control team, had been on standby at the ports off Cherbourg and Southampton due to a fire in the stockpile. There fires are known to reignite after being extinguished. Mr Essenhigh continues to suggest that an unplanned combustion of coal occurred after the ship left port or that a fire had occurred in Titanic’s bunkers while it had left Southampton. This theory is supported by how fires such as these were common aboard coal-fired ships. The titanic sinking due to a coal fire is a possible perspective as it supports why the ship had been travelling fast enough that it could not avoid the iceberg. The sinking of the titanic may have been the results of a curse brought by an Egyptian mummy that had reportedly been aboard the ship. The theory was associated with the legendary “Curse of the Pharaoh” and suggests that this Egyptian mummy had been aboard the ship to be transported to New York, as per the requests of Lord Canterville. The mummy was a recently discovered body of ancient Egyptian prophetess. Due to its great value and fragility, it had been placed behind the ships command bridge. Many have considered the mummy as the cause for the sinking because of the strange circumstances linked to the ancient mummy. At the head of the mummy, there had been a Statue of the god of death, Osiris. Accompanying this was an inscription “Rise from the ashes, let your eyes strike those who stand in your way.” Captain Smith may have encountered the mummy’s eyes. History suggests any scientist handling mummies from the...
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