Personality Tests: A Self-Awareness Tool

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Personality, like human being is constantly changing and developing. The development of a person's personality continues throughout a person's lifetime as it is very unlikely that a person will remain the same after a lifetime full of ups and downs as what Erikson's theory emphasizes that social experiences for the whole lifespan will affect our personality development. I also believe that from my short life experiences and observations. I believe, as human, if we permit ourselves, we will learn from all life experiences that will then make up our personality. But personality development is a never ending process, it continues until the day we die.

The purpose of taking the personality test is to get a raw idea of how our behaviours and everyday actions tell us about our personality. Even though we or the ones closed to us can be trusted judges on our personality, a personality test may unfold more about our personality that we or our loved ones may have overlook. It is a good idea of taking the personality test because this test was well prepared by many expert researchers who have dedicated their lives to study about the human personality and the factors that caused each and every one of us to be unique and different from one another. One of the example of such test is in the website Thus, if we answer the questions truthfully, the result would be the closest idea to our personality.

The knowledge of one's own personality can help one understanding of how he represents himself to the society, how others perceived him and how he can actually manipulate this knowledge for his benefit in the sense that he can change himself to be what he wants himself to be and creates his own ideal self-brand. This is what the humanistic theorists believe, that humans have freedom to chart our own courses of life and have the innate drive within ourselves for personal growth. I personally agree with their perspective on this because even if we do not realized, there are many factors in life that can push us to be better than what we were, and propel us to make an effort toward our own personal growth. It does not matter how little the scale of the changes that we make, if it is positive, we are developing our personality. DISCUSSION

The personality test on, consist of a number of questions and the result divides human personality to five core traits which consists of extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness. I will discuss my result based on the traits separately and accordingly.


Extraversion is marked by pronounced engagement to the external world. From my understanding, it is how we present ourselves in the social world. My score was considered an average so basically I am neither an obvious extravert or an obvious introvert. Instead, I am somewhere in between. Personally I agree with the result because that is how I always judged myself and how my friends see me as.

When I was a child, I was always described as very quiet and shy to a stranger. But when I was around family, although I was not really a talkative kid, I did not feel shy as I was with strangers. This perhaps is normal and perhaps the unconscious part of me, according to Sigmund Freud, that caused me to be cautious particularly with strangers.

As I went through childhood and adolescence, I found myself always surrounded with many friends despite the fact that I was not the kind of person who will approach others first, I was never a friendly person to strangers. But the close friends I had were not big in number but I was happy anyway. I found it was more comfortable to be with people who have already know me very well.

As I grew up and grew apart from that close friends I used to have and being placed in a new and different environment, I did not find much difficulties to find new ones...

References: Papalia, D.E., Olds,S.W.,Feldman,R.D. (2009). Human Development.(11th Edition). McGraw-Hill : New York
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