Personal Values

Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Decision making software Pages: 4 (1417 words) Published: September 3, 2008
This paper is about personal values development. In this paper I will be examining my personal values, ground rules, and ethics development. Primarily a focus on developing these values, rules, and ethics will be discussed in the paper. Included in this paper would be what my values are the sources that shaped my values, and the criteria and decision-making factors I make the most of to revise them. Finally I will discuss the potential impact of my values and performance in the workplace.

What are personal values? Included are many definitions out there that can define values and how they can relate to ones personal beliefs. My definition would be what I believe and what I am against. My personal value is that I believe that I should provide a quality of life suitable for my family. I believe that spending the most time with my family is important. I believe that a job should let one work from home. How did I develop these types of values? I believe I learned them from growing up in a family oriented home. I had a mother that stayed home and a father that worked. I believe most of my values where developed from how I grew up and what I learned throughout life. How can I develop and improve values? By living and learning is a way to develop better values. I believe that a person can develop more and improve his or hers values by experiencing what is right or wrong and how someone handles those situations. Developing ground rules in relation to values and ethics are important. Rules can provide a path or guideline to be able to improve and develop more positive values. Rules can also enhance the ethical development that can be learned. My rules would include if the values help me improve personally and professionally, and stick with the values. If the behavior is something I am against then I must understand why I am against the behavior. I believe that rules are important and should be followed which can help better shape someone’s values....

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