Personal Response Guardian of the Dead

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Personal Response To Text 2 (Extended Text)
By Peter Stamp

Title: Guardian Of The Dead
Author; Karen Healy
Genre: Young Adult/ Fiction

Guardian Of The Dead by Karen Healy is an adventure novel about a normal day-to-day high school student who hangs out with her friends, obsesses with Mark, a mysterious boy and her biggest worry is her essay deadline. Then everything changes; in the foggy woods outside the school, something ancient and deadly is waiting... Ellie Spencer is a talented fighter and a smart student who attends Mansfield College in Napier. The local news headlines are all abuzz about a series of brutal murders that all share the same trademark; the killer takes the victims eyes when he kills them. Also, an eerie and mysterious girl joins Ellie’s group of friends and suddenly takes a liking to Ellie’s best friend Kevin, a crazed elderly man harrases her on the street and throws a tattered Bible in her hands, saying ‘You need it. It will save your soul.’ Soon after, Ellie is thrown into a world of myth, romance and war, and an epic battle for immortality.

In the Guardian Of The Dead, I felt excitement and wonder. I felt excitement and wonder because a lot of the people that appear in Ellie’s life are very mysterious and make Ellie feel different emotions and as a result make changes in her life. An example of this is when Ellie is on her way to the university theatre and it is foggy outside and she bumps into this woman, like this quote says, ‘I was alone, in the growing darkness, when the red haired woman walked out of the fog. I ducked my head nervously, but though she surveyed me from my sneakers to the collar of my coat, she didn’t meet my eyes.// Then she smiled slightly and stepped past me, precise and measured through the mud.//’ This made me feel excited because as more mysterious people came into Ellie’s life, the book became more thrilling and enticing, making me want to read on until the...
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