Personal Goals Paper

Topics: Goal, Time, Personal development Pages: 4 (1272 words) Published: January 16, 2013
Goals I Intend to Accomplish for Enhancement of my Personal and Family Development, and Professional Career

Deciding on and obtaining personal goals for my future have become a recent priority because of changing events in my life. It is an enlightening experience to make the decision to enrich my life, according to what goals I have set. I am enthusiastic to share my short-term and long-term goals that include professional and personal development goals, skills I will need to accomplish the goals, milestones for achieving the goals, barriers to achieving goals and how to overcome them, and how I will manage my time to guarantee completion of my goals. Professional Goals

Although advancing my education through University of Phoenix will consume considerable amounts of my time over several years, I consider this to be a short-term goal. The best way to define why I consider this to be a short-term goal is because my long-term goals ultimately unfold upon completing my degree. As I am completing my coursework, I will be developing writing and communication skills as well as enhancing my knowledge regarding utilization of a computer and obtaining advanced computer skills. Becoming marketable and versatile will inaugurate many opportunities for my career in my future. With my advanced degree I have unlimited choices. I will have opportunities to be an instructor of a nursing program, I can work at a management level in health care settings, and I can advance my degree further and complete a Nurse Practitioner degree or become certified in a nursing specialty. Career choices become unlimited. Personal Goals

I believe that my personal goals will always be long-term due to constant initiation and implementation of self-care. My personal goals also entail my goals for my children. Some of my goals for my children and I consist of, promoting a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy, getting adequate sleep, engaging in daily physical...

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