Personal Goal

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My Personal Goals
Every successful person has a list of values, visions, and goals. I live by my values, make decisions with my visions in my mind, and set goals that will help me reach my life visions. These three elements take me to places I want to be in life. These elements reflect achievement goals and performance goals. “Achievement goals reflect the purpose of an individual's achievement pursuits and two general types have been proposed: mastery and performance. When pursuing mastery goals, an individual's purpose is to develop competence by acquiring new knowledge and skills (e.g., "My goal in this class is to understand the material as thoroughly as possible."). When pursuing performance goals, an individual's purpose is to demonstrate competence relative to others (e.g., "My goal in this class is to do better than other students."). Thus, individuals can be motivated to achieve for two very different reasons: to increase their competence by learning as much as they can or to gain favorable judgments of their competence by performing as well as they can compared to others.” (Barron & Harackiewicz, 2001, p. 706) My achievement goals and performance goals are family, career, and education. These three categories intergrade within one another. My education goal is to obtain my Bachelors of Science in nursing degree. My career goal relies on the completion of my degree to continue to advance in my career. My family goal is to maintain a healthy, happy, well-balanced structure while perusing and achieving my other goals. “Professional life has a great impact on the personal life of a person. If one is neglected, then, the other aspect will be hampered. So, a proper scale of balance must be maintained.” (Kar, 2011, p. 11) Throughout life as values and visions change and goals are attained, new goals arise. Education is my new goal. My vision for my career path has given me the value to achieve a Bachelors of Science in nursing degree. I have...

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