Personal Challenges

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Personal and Professional Challenges

Nursing 391

August 07, 2012

Personal and Professional Challenges Matrix Worksheet

Use the following matrix to describe three personal and three professional challenges. For each challenge, describe time and stress management techniques along with personal development resources that may help a nurse overcome these challenges.

|Personal Challenge |Time Management Technique |Stress Management Technique |Personal Development Resources | |Example: Balancing work and family |Use a calendar or organizer to plan my |Take regular family vacations. |Family counseling and self-help books | |responsibilities |schedule. | | | | | | | | |1.) Balancing my work schedule, school |I will get organized by making a weekly |I will take one thing at a time when feeling |I can access books from the library and online | |schedule, and my social life. |schedule involving my work schedule, school |overwhelmed. I will take a break when studying |journals from the University of Phoenix | | |schedule and free time for myself. I will stick|or doing homework and do something that I enjoy|library, on effective time management skills | | |to my weekly schedule. I will prioritize tasks |doing, such as listening to music or talking |and stress reduction interventions. | | |by letters A, B, C, with A items being those |with friends. This will revitalize me and give | | | |that cannot wait (Coleman & Neri, 1983). This |me more energy when I get back to doing my | | | |list will be included in my weekly schedule. I |school assignments. | | | |will check off each item that I complete. | | | |2.) Overcoming my junk food eating habits such |I will make a weekly schedule and check off |Every time I feel the urge to have a soda or |I will subscribe to healthy eating magazines so| |as sodas and chips. |each day that I go without having chips and |chips, I will meditate and look at my weekly |that I can prepare and cook healthy meals. I | | |sodas. I will get rid of any junk food that is |schedule to remind me of the days that I have |will go to the library and read self-help books| | |stored in my refrigerator and kitchen cabinets |gone without having junk food. I will visualize|on healthy eating and relaxation activities. | | |since this will decrease my temptations. |myself being healthy, eating a healthy diet, | | | | |and caring for myself so that I can care for | | | | |others. I will exercise...

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