Personal Attributes of a Good Teacher

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Jaaziel A. SumayoJanuary 9, 2012
BEE IIThe Teaching Profession
Activity #4

The 12 Personal Attributes of a Good Teacher

       We can divide the countless qualities we expect in a "good" teacher into two main categories: professional skills related to his subjects and to his job as teacher, and personal qualities as a man. These two types of qualities are not separated; together, they combine a unit called "a good teacher". A teacher with many personal qualities and no professional qualifications is not a teacher. Old handed teachers are not "good" teachers unless they have some specific characteristics that we always look for. Actually, no one can be comfortable when talking with a teacher who is bad-tempered all the time, for example. 1. The good physical appearance. This means pleasing personality in what way the teacher shows how he carry himself. To be a good teacher, you would better be active and look smart all the time; a good teacher's appearance should be acceptable according to the social standards, at least. Some teachers might enter their class at the first time and sit on the edge of the desk, wearing earrings with a "sense of humor" pretending that they just want to be closer to their students. "This character is as dangerous as he is appealing." Trevor Wright.

2. Good physical health and personal hygiene can also be seen in one of the personal attributes of a good teacher. This is as well as the first personal attributes of a good teacher mentioned above. Not just pleasing personality but also good personal hygiene is a plus factor for a teacher. Students are not afraid to come near him and be confident in him without this good personal attribute. Also, in the teacher’s part, this adds to the teaching and personal confidence. As an example, a student will not come close to a teacher who has a bad odor. With this as well, the teacher could not express himself openly. He may be a very good teacher when it comes to ideas, but to his heart’s extent, pupils will probably choose not to be close to him. 3. The emotional stability is also considered. This connotes that to be a good teacher is to be social mentally healthy and should have self-control. Patient teachers might be the only ones who can deal with naughty students and how to help those who do not even have any desire to overcome their learning problems. Teachers should be real friends; when a teacher gets close to his students, especially students of the "last rows", he or she will then know the needs of those students and the reasons behind their bad behavior and their unwillingness to learn. After knowing the causes of their problems comes the role of the good teacher; he can deal with this student patiently, with no punishment. Attention is what "low- achievers" and "naughty" students really need. When they get it, they will certainly become better.

4. Superior Intelligence. This is to denote that the knowledge level is more than a student. Some people can teach easily, and their students respond and learn in their classes more than they do in other qualified teachers' classes. Those people are said to be "born teachers”. However, a man with no "divine gift" of teaching, who has great desire to be a good teacher, might become better than all "born teachers". In order to be a good teacher, you must have many professional skills. Knowing your subject, for example, is a must, and general knowledge of the world outdoors is a necessity that cannot be underestimated. A good teacher should be ahead of his students. This does not mean, at all, that he cannot accept any new information that might come from one of his learners, anyway.

5. Pleasant modulated voice. Together with all the personal attributes, a good teacher must have this pleasant modulated voice. Students can make this an interruption in learning if the teacher’s voice is somewhat distracting. Take for example a teacher with such loud but shattered voice to...
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