Perimeter Security Strategy U02a1

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Perimeter Security Strategy
Hal Hagood

Perimeter Security Strategy
With data breaches on the rise, companies must remain vigilant in safeguarding their assets. Failure to stay in front of data threats will inevitably result in breaches, financial losses, and tarnished reputations. This especially true for company such as EverGreen Financial and effective and meaning management is key.
For years, companies have focused on perimeter security to thwart the ever-increasing number of data threats. But now, with more than 50 percent of security breaches perpetrated internally, perimeter defenses are no longer sufficient for securing data.
“Today, companies need to extend their data infrastructure across business units, partners, suppliers, customers, and a growing mobile workforce. The outsider is now an insider. Because of this, companies must adopt an enterprise data protection strategy in order to effectively protect data from the core to the edge of the enterprise, an end-to-end encryption solution across databases, applications, networks, and endpoint devices. The result is secure data at all times—at rest, in motion, and in use” (ITbusinessedge, 2015).
Networks have become more vulnerable because of fundamental shifts in the complexity and proliferation of personal and business applications, user access, and behavior, as well as the new threat landscape, leading organizations to rethink their network security strategy.
However, traditional methods like virtual LANs (VLANs), switch access control lists (ACLs), and port-and protocol-based firewalls do not provide the application visibility and user access controls to effectively secure a network segment. Organizations require a network security platform capable of creating relevant network security policies by application, user, and content for every network segment.
The objectives of the network perimeter security audit/assurance review are to provide management with an independent

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