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Perfectionism a curse or a blessing
Are you a perfectionist? Do you know someone who is?
Have you ever wondered if perfectionism is a help or hindrance on the road to success? I have experienced that perfectionism is a blessing but some time it does more harm than good that is whey we need to have some limits in perusing perfectionism in our daily life or in professional matters. In fact there are at least seven ways that perfectionism stops you from success. 1. Perfectionism.

Have you ever had a project that you really wanted to get done, but never could quite complete it? If you look carefully at what was going on in your mindset, you probably see that you wanted the project to be completed perfectly. We live in an imperfect world. The idea that perfection is possible is just an illusion. Your desire for perfection can stop you from taking action that is needed. In fact it can even lead to mental paralysis and stop you from listening to your intuition. Imperfect action is better than no action.

2. You Get Caught Up in the Details.
Do not get caught up with details Instead, use your business vision. There is nothing so compelling as a vision for which you have passion. But if you’re busy with the details, and trying to get every little thing perfect so you lose sight of the bigger picture. Delegate as many task as you can so you can focus on moving your business or project forward successfully. 3. Perfectionism doesn’t allow you to be yourself.

Have you noticed how guarded you feel when you’re trying to portray your self as a perfect professional or whatever role you are in? You can’t be yourself, because someone might see that you really aren’t as perfect as you’re trying to be. How did that get started anyway? In the way that most of us were conditioned, we weren’t allowed to be ourselves. The more our parents had perfectionist standards for us and the more we tried to achieve those standards, the more of ourselves we had to give away. We usually do...
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