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Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing
June 26, 2013

Using Perceptual Maps in Marketing
The simulation is based on a motorcycle company and its image. The company is Thorr Motorcycle Inc. and the product that is being marketed is CruiserThorr. The company is beginning to have issues with sales for this motorcycle. Marketing the image of a company is one of the most important aspects of a marketing plan. Perceptual mapping is a marketing research technique where a company takes all customer views of their product and plots it on a chart. Respondents are asked questions about the product such as performance, packaging, and pricing. This helps a company see where their product is compared to similar products by other companies. “Maps are wonderful for seeing the way things are, but not very good for predicting the way things might be if you were to make a change” (Johnson, 1988). Situation 1

The simulation begins with me being hired as the Marketing Manager. My job is to help turn around the sales on CruiserThorr. My first challenge is to look at nine parameters and pick four to focus on for the perceptual mapping. The four I chose were Lifestyle (because the brand is associated with a certain lifestyle), Price (cost plays a key role in why the younger generation is not buying), Service Offerings (Competitors offer more service options than we do), and Quality Engineering (Thorr Motorcycle Inc. always has quality products). The results of my mapping did not help sales. I have two options, 1) Enhance my current position, or 2) Create a new motorcycle geared toward the younger generation (University of Phoenix, 2013). Situation 2

The budget I have to work with is $13 million and the option I chose is to reposition CruiserThorr. I have decided to provide financing options and increase services, but maintain the current price. Promotional items chosen were sponsoring events such as Daytona, offer free test rides, provide giveaway merchandise and publicize...

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