Perception Essay

Topics: Perception, Mind, Reasoning Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Our senses are based on perception, which is our ability to use of our combined senses to understand the world. We can easily get fooled by our senses because our minds tend to send for too much information or too little information at times where, we get tricked into thinking too critically about something or we do not think too much about it. For example, when we listened to the continuous increasing octave, our minds got fooled by our senses as we trusted our senses into thinking it were continuously increasing an octave when it simply was not. This shows how truth plays a big role in the theory of knowledge, because in order for it to be considered as knowledge it has to be true otherwise it is just false information, we feed to our head, and in this case we were fooled and sent false information to our brain. Personally my senses have fooled me numerous times, but over the time my senses have become more accurate. Like sometimes on the road, when I see something that looks like a dead animal, turns out to be a plastic bag or rag of cloth. This shows how my sense of sight tends to assume and jump to conclusions on what the actual object is. Another example where you’re eye sight sense tricks you is when you put a rod or a stick in clear water, it seems to look like it is bent, but in reality would you really call it bent because when you take it out, it becomes straighter again, as you can never know if it is perfectly straight or not. We can always trust our senses to give us the truth, but during the time we use our senses we start making assumptions on whether if what we think is true. This makes the truth flawed in a way because the moment you start making assumptions is the time you will be wrong. This comes to my previous examples, as I said that your senses are not the one to be blamed for giving us false information, it is our brain for converting the information and making assumptions automatically, that gives us flawed information in the end....
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