People Are Born Creative

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People Are Born Creative!

Do you think you are creative? How creative do you think you are? As an art student, I think I have to be very creative. However, I always feel that I lack creativity, even though sometimes I don’t feel so. Especially when I saw my classmates did unexpectedly great job. I started to question myself if I were creative or not. I thought I was not a creative person and I don’t belong to this industry. Creativity is something that (only some of) you have since birth and can’t be learned. So, if you are not born creative, that’s it. But I just found out that I am not the only one whose creativity is not always flowing, and everyone is born creative.! !

The popular reason of one’s creativity we know is family influence. For example, popular classical composers were usually born from musicians family. It’s so obvious because most of them composed songs since they were little. That made people think that the creativity and ability to create new songs were genetically inherited from their musician parents. Still, I don’t think creativity is something inherited, because I believe everyone is born creative. Instead, it’s just that they saw their parents as an inspiration and continued what people nowadays call it, the family’s ‘tradition.’!

On the other hand, I got an answer from Emma Gannon, in the article “Where Does Creativity Come from?” She said, “the only place we can find freedom is in our own heads.” By having freedom in our heads, we are free to think about everything we want. Our brains are originally ‘set’ to think of a lot of things. Thus, we are able to think creatively.! !

Amy Tan stated on her TEDTalk “Where Does Creativity Hide?” that natural creativity may be brought from what we used to be before our current lives. Also, it’s possible that neurological quirk function affects one’s mindset and makes one becomes creative. Her statement about ‘past lives’ was very arguable, because not all people believe in past...
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