Peer Pressure

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Peer Pressure

Have you ever felt forced to do something? Peer pressure is an epidemic that can happen to anyone anywhere in the world. Peer pressure is most likely victimizing teenagers and children and can cause them to make dangerous maybe fatal choices. There are many forms of peer pressure and some people may not realize what’s happening because they want to fit in with the crowd, but real friends wouldn’t force you to do something or put you down cause of something you do or don’t do. In the research below you will read about how peer pressure is taking a toll of young people today.

Peer pressure is a big part of many people’s lives today. As Beth Morrissey mentioned in her article, Be The TRUE YOU, she talks about the feeling you get while being accepted by the people you always wanted to be like. “The way you feel when you are invited to a huge party is amazing, but if you’re too intent on part of the herd, its easy to touch with your true identity,” says Beth Morrissey in her article. Its okay to do your own thing and be yourself instead of trying to impress the people you look up to. People would like you for who you are and not who you are trying to be. The people that you want to be like might not be as good of people that you think they are. The so-called “popular” people may be using you, whether you know it or not. You don’t want to be the person that is forced to do things just to fit in with a certain group. Noone deserves that, and whoever is willing to be downgraded and forced to do things, should look back on their decisions and try to make better ones because true friends wouldn’t make you do something that you don’t want to do.

Certain groups of people do wrong things and make bad choices, you shouldn’t want to be part of that. If anyone is ever put in a situation that they have to choose between doing the right thing and doing the wrong thing with their “friends”...
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