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Topics: Father, August Strindberg, Jandek Pages: 7 (1546 words) Published: November 13, 2014
Autum Richmond
1st Hour English 10 Honors
25th August 2014
Peace Like A River By: Leif Enger Annotations.
1. Clay
Just in the start of the chapter he begins talking about how he could not breath and how rightfully he should have died. This is one of the biggest things in this chapter that I could relate to. When I was born I had a whole in my heart, So I was born with breathing problems and was hooked to a machine for the beginning of my life. In this chapter Reuban goes into a breif statement on how his father was his super hero and at this junction in my life my father was also my super hero for holding me for long night to make sure I was okay.

My prediction for this chapter is that his father is going to die later on in the book causing a great devistation to him. It seems from the beginning of his life he's had a close connection with his father but somewhere along the line I predict it fading away.

My quote to pay attention to: “We and the world, My children, Will always be at war. Retreat is impossible. Arm Yourselves.”

2. His seperate shadow
So in this chapter we finally learn that this family is rather dysfunctional. The characters introduced so far are : Davy, Swede, August & Birdie Shultz, Reuban, Jerimiah ( Dad) & Helen ( Mother), Dolly, Finch, And Basca. You learn about a recent fight that his father has had with Finch and Basca who are just some school bullies for trying to sexually asault Dolly who is Davys Girlfriend. I presume after seeing his fathers astonishing god act that something bad is on the way and he knows it. I predict more to come more of a battle than just saving Dolly and that being it. Theres much more to develop in this story. I predict bigger test of faith from his father and that eventually something more tragic is going to happen. ______________________________________________________________________________ 3. Beauteous are my cakes

Through out this chapter there were words I noticed but couldnt tell you the exact meaning of them then there were words I couldnt have told you my best guess as to what they were , So here are the words and meanings to go with them. Escalation- A rapid increase or an rise in seriousness. Surmise – Supposing something is true without evidence to prove it. Incandecent – Emmiting light as a result of being heated. In this chapter things finally started to get real , The fuel had just been added to the flame so much so that Davy goes on to say this quote. “ How many times do you let a dog bite you, before you put him down? ” With Davy saying this I predict him taking action eventually. Sooner rather than later something will bring him to his breaking point. As predicted in a later chapter I figured he would have another test in faith and towards the end of this chapter in the church a shocking godly act happened. 4. Your Toughened Heart

In this chapter we learn about the character Lurvy who is very much so not your average sales man. We also find out that the police are making Finch and Basca look innocent later to find out that Davy was going to kill them. I knew he was going to kill him last chapter that if they kept proding at the family one of them would act out. I question what Davy was thinking though. Was he knowing it was better off that way ? Or did he kill them just out of rage just like seeing red? But as following past predictions im assuming that another godly act will be shared with us. Maybe not from the father but from Davy this time. In this chapter you start to get more of an insight on Swede. You start to learn Swede is more “girly” than she is letting on to be. Swede is finally blossoming into an amazing character more then just her hard shell. 5.Peeking at Eternity

In this chapter we begin to see a huge insight on the character of Davy. Davy proves to be more of a man than most 16 year old boys. Davy proves not only to be strong but he is an inspiration and a teacher. He took on half the...
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