Peace in Mindanao

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The peace process in Mindanao still needs a lot of work. The path to peace on the Bangsamoro sector. The establishment of compromising and reaching of the meeting of minds has been conducted. What I want to see is how this will all played out. It is one big step and a giant leaf to a very narrow treacherous process to surpass from but the president assures that it will be done or happen when our countrymen will be willing to help them in their quest for peace. The people itself will have to give justification on the stipulation and not only must the president himself will be the one to fight for peace but also the people itself that must be as well involve for this is their nation to bring about the prospering of peace in the land. We all do want peace. But there is no real peace. Then has always been conflict. What action can we take in the name of peace? Can both sides change the politics of anger and resentment into a policy of cooperation? The Filipino’s lack of discipline encompasses several related characteristics. We have a casual and relaxed attitude towards time and space which manifest itself into lack of precision and compulsiveness, in poor time management and in procrastination. We are impatient and unable to delay gratification or reward, resulting in the use of shortcuts, in skirting the rules (pasulot syndrome) and foolhardiness. We are guilty of ningas cogon, starting out projects with full vigor and interest which abruptly die down leaving things unfinished. Our lack of discipline often results in inefficient, wasteful work system, violation of rules leading to more serious transgression and a casual work ethic leading to carelessness and lack of follow-through. The path to peace is always a sensitive topic to obtain. In life there are no shortcuts and so we must be conscious not to show our weakness in character when we mean business. I just hope in this modernize world by while walking on the road with the...
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