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A value to me means a lot, to have to choose only 5 is kind of a burden. If I had to choose my top 5 though they would be of the following.

Faith – A belief in something/someone. To me, to have faith, I believe that there is a greater being. However, I also have faith in karma.

Family – Loved ones. To me, family comes VERY close to faith. Being Filipino/German/Italian, family is a HUGE value of mine.

Respect – Having high opinion of, or admiration for one person. I have always been a firm believer in to gain respect you first have to give respect.

Integrity – Doing what is right always, even when no one is looking. I do believe integrity is a good value to have. It ties into respect, as well as trust.

Trust – Assurance in someone/something. Something factual. I believe that trust coincides with Integrity. If you have respect for someone and integrity, I think that they will have more trust in this person. With all of these values, I believe I can be a successful supervisor. If I display respect I will gain respect from the subordinate. Once respect is earned both ways, trust comes into the picture. Where we can both trust each other and or have faith in each other. With trust/faith between both parties the integrity between them grows. Which leads me to family. Once all these values have been implemented, the feeling between both the supervisor and subordinate becomes less like a “boss” and “worker” relationship and more of like a family relationship.

LEADERSHIP VISION STATEMENT As a leader, I'm going to have to step up into a leadership role. Mentoring, giving advice, assisting them to the best of my abilities, and paving the way for the next group of people. As stated above, with all of these values, I believe I can be a successful supervisor. What do I want to accomplish as a supervisor? As a successful leader, I want to be approachable. By showing

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