Patron Saint of Butterflies Essay

Topics: Friendship, Inner Circle, Family Pages: 3 (1225 words) Published: May 7, 2012
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The Patron Saint of Butterflies was a 292 page novel that was written by Cecilia Calante. The main characters of the story are Honey, and Agnes. The whole book was written in a switch off format which is when Honey and Agnes each write a chapter on what happened in there own thoughts. The story shows a relationship between two girls that slowly grow apart holding tight onto what they have left in their friendship. The characters are Honey, her dad which is Mr. Little, Mrs. Little, Nana Pete, Lillian, Benny, and the owners of Mount Blessing, Mother Veronica and Father Emmanuel. In this story, the characters are in a conflict; Mother Veronica and Father Emmanuel were the ones that were against Lillian, Nana Pete, Honey, and Agnes. There were against each other because Father Emmanuel was punishing the people that lived on Mount Blessing.

The story started like this, Agnes was looking for Honey she got into trouble. Honey was punished by Emmanuel because she kissed a boy, on her back; Veronica had carved the word “harlot”. Soon, Nana Pete (Agnes and Benny’s grandmother) found out about the regulation room where people were being punished at. Nana Pete decides to leave after she found out, when Benny had his finger slammed in the door. Someone had called the police, but because Emmanuel knew he was going to get into trouble if the police come, so he decides to it on himself clumsily. Nana Pete takes him to the hospital where they had to undo everything that Emmanuel had done. Right after Benny had woken up, they escape from Mount blessing where Agnes really doesn’t want to because she wants to become a saint, but Honey dreads to escape that place from the day her was born. Honey had to say goodbye to Winky, the person that Honey owns a utterfly garden with. Honey also left a note about if Agnes ever goes back, Honey made Winky call the cops.

They travel across from Connecticut all the way to Texas. On the way, Agnes faced a lot of...
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