Topics: Flying Spaghetti Monster, Parody religion, Intelligent design Pages: 2 (776 words) Published: October 28, 2008
Pastafarianism was founded in 2005 by Bobby Henderson. It is a parody religion called the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It was made as a protest to the decision by the Kansas State Board of Education as Bobby thought that the school should teach intelligent design as an alternative to biological evolution. Pastafarianism has had a lot of exposure since being founded and is very popular with atheists and agnostics (or spagnostics as Pastafarians call it). Pastafarianism has a lot of concepts from different religions. The name is an alternative to the religion Rastafarianism. In the Bible, a lot of prayers and psalms end in the word Amen. The Pastafarians have adapted the word so instead of saying Amen they say RAmen which can be spelt with just a capital R or capital RA, RAmen was chosen because it is a type of noodle. The church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster has a series of commandments like the 10 commandments in Christianity. Instead of calling it the 10 commandments, Pastafarians call there commandment the 8 I’d really rather you didn’ts. Eight I’d really rather you didn’ts:

1.I'd really rather you didn't act like a sanctimonious holier-than-thou butt when describing my noodly goodness. If some people don't believe in me, that's okay. Really, I'm not that vain. Besides, this isn't about them so don't change the subject. 2.I'd really rather you didn't use my existence as a means to oppress, subjugate, punish, eviscerate, and/or, you know, be mean to others. I don't require sacrifices, and purity is for drinking water, not people. 3.I'd really rather you didn't judge people for the way they look, or how they dress, or the way they talk, or, well, just play nice, okay? Oh, and get this into your thick heads: woman = person. man = person. Samey = Samey. One is not better than the other, unless we're talking about fashion and I'm sorry, but I gave that to women and some guys who know the difference between teal and fuchsia. 4....

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