Passion for Christ

Topics: Jesus, The Passion of the Christ, Crucifixion of Jesus Pages: 4 (1142 words) Published: September 11, 2013
Film Review
The passion of the Christ
1. What is your point of view of understanding your assigned movie? I believe the Passion of the Christ is a film that tells the story of our savior but also the story of us all. His struggle and suffering symbolizes the daily toils of millions of Filipinos. His resolve to remain true to his beliefs and destiny are an example to us all in how we must embrace our hardships with faith and fortitude. And his death on the cross makes us know that one day we will find redemption and sanctuary in the arms of God. Then how he was made to carry his cross all the way to Calvary and how that symbolizes the crosses we all have to carry in our earthly struggles towards redemption. And finally how we believe and work towards one day rising above all our earthly struggles to find peace, redemption and acceptance in the arms of God just like Christ on the cross. 2. Discuss the directors cut on presenting the story.

Gibson film is placed in a wider context in a series of features looking at religious art and storytelling through the ages. Experts agree that “religion and art are parallel ventures” in getting across grand ideas and making them relatable. The Passion of Christ is a violent film but a fascinating work by Mel Gibson. Gibson also manages to persuade strong performances out of a largely unknown cast of European stage and television actors; Maria Morgensten is excellent as the Virgin Mary: A scene between her and Cavizel discussing carpentry in the worksop is spotted with gentle humour, and makes you wish Gibson had spent more time developing characters, instead of the complication of the movie’s torture sequences. Devout Catholic and ‘Matrix Reloaded’ starlet Monica Belluci, the unlikeliest cast member by far, does well in her role as Mary Magdalene, whilst Italian Rosalinda Celentano makes for an outlandish, yet magnetic Satan. ‘The Passion Of The Christ’ for its prolonged caning sequence in which Jesus,...
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