Pass or Fail Poem

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There are many perceptions on the poem Pass/Fail and what it really means. I However, see this poem relating in life in general. There are many quotes in this poem that remind me of the obsticals in life. The way people expect us to fail, and even we dont want to fail it will happen. I like this poem because it is very true and up to date. The tone of this poem mite be very discourging but in my eyes it is also very encourgeing. Some people also relate this poem to test anxiety , I can also relate this to life's anxiety. There are always obtiscals in life that we face. In this poem it says "No matter how you succed awake, asleep there is a test waiting to be failed" (1252). Yes this can be realted to school but I see that in life no matter what you do there is always a test that you can either fail or pass. We mite not relize that they are tests but each and eveyday god gives us test that we can either pass or fail. They are almost the same as test in school because if you fail you can be punished for them with bad grades, and in life you can be punished with consequences. The author said " The dream beckons with two dull pencils, but you havent even taken the course"(1252). I can relate this to life because with a dream all you have at first is a dream starteing from sctract not knoowing what can happen. Two dull pencils can relate to this because you do not know what your getting yourself into and the trails that come along the way can be very dull . Of course you dont know what can happen because you havent lived your future and thats a course itself. Many people expect us to fail. "When you reach for a book it closes its door in your face" (1252). I can relate this to life because everytime you try to do something productive or good , there is always something that will hold you down from doin this. Every time you think you got something right its wrong in somebody elses eyes. "When you conjugte a verb it is in the wrong language" (1252). I believe that...
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