Topics: Mobile phone, Vociferation, Joie de vivre Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: February 13, 2014
'The waves of green rolling fields added to the majestic effect of this play park, stretching out as far as the edge of the sea and inland to the high-rise blocks of apartments and hotel accommodation.

The sun had bleached long ribbons where there had been a lot of foot traffic; pathways to the pool, children's swing areas, the ice cream booth and, not too surprising, the bar! Otherwise, the grass was lush and brightly coloured as the new growth pushed its way through the hardened earth. The sound of breakers crashing onto the beach contrasted with the dull roar of vehicles racing along the highway and those of laughing and screaming children. This was an area full of life and 'joie de vivre', being enjoyed by mostly youngsters and their parents though with the odd grand parents performing their child minding duties.

A lone male slowly wound his way along one of the ribbons towards the ice cream stall set up next to the bar, glancing from side to side as though searching. His slightly stooped walk, unshaven chin, squinting eyes and general demeanour seemed out of place with the overall scene of holiday relaxation and was drawing questioning looks from several of the parents. One was on his mobile phone, another called his little girl to come to him while a family over-hastily gathered their belongings and children and scuttled away towards the roadway.

"Cut", yelled a voice through a megaphone, "that's a wrap."

The 'suspect' male stretched his back and stood taller - the actor portraying Columbo turned and smiled at me and my camera .... '
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