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Parents Teen Relationship

By fariba18 Jan 10, 2010 987 Words
Parent-Teen Relationships Analysis

Our survey was about parent teen’s relationship and how close they are with each other. We survey 100 students in our school which fifty of them were male and other fifty were female. We had 9 questions which were about who they living with and how open they are with their parents. My three survey questioners are ‘are they are closer to their mother or Father’, ‘who they are more comfortable to talk’, and ‘being more open with parents would have positive or negative effects on their relationship.’

Question #4

The result shows that teenagers are closer to their mothers rather than their fathers. The graph shows that 77 percents of students are closer to their mother which 48 percent of them are Female and 29 percents of them are Male. Most of the teenagers are close to their mother rather than their Father because she is the one who is there and will listen to you and knows your needs, but father is at work most of the time. Mother spend a great deal of time with their children get to know them better and become more sensitive to their need. Fathers and mother interact differently with their children. Father tends to be more physically engaged and less emotional with their children than mothers are. Girls are closer to their mother because they are from same gander and wouldn’t feel comfortable to talk about their physical issues with their father. In this survey 21 percent were closer to their father because they think that they understand each other better and fell comfortable to talk about their issues.

Question #5

The results show that teenagers are most comfortable talking to their mothers and friends than their fathers. The graph shows that 47 percent of students are most comfortable talking to their mother which 29 percent of them are Female and 18 percent of them are Male. However, 15 percent of them are most comfortable talking to their father which 11 percent of them are male and 4 percent of them are Female. Other 38 percent are most comfortable talking to their friends which 21 percent of them are Male and 17 percent of them are Female. Communication with their children seems to be the bridge to a good and healthy relationship between moms and their children. The most important part of communication for moms is listening. Most of the students are comfortable talk to their mother because she is the one who is there when they have problem and always listen to them. She tries to understand them and give them good advices not punish them for what they had done. Also, mother will support their children emotionally and girls are more comfortable talking to their mother about their problems and emotional stuff. Some of the boys are comfortable to talk with their father because they think that he will understand them better and knows their need as a man. Furthermore, most of the students are more comfortable talking to their friends because they are at same age and might have or had same issues and problems as they have. Other reason is that they think that their parents wouldn’t understand them and they might not have close relationship or scared of talking about something they did wrong.

Question #9

Most of the students think that being more open with their parents would have positive effects on their relationship. 78 percent of the students said yes and only 22 percent of them said no.

Communication with their children seems to be the bridge to a good and healthy relationship between moms and their children. The most important part of communication for moms is listening. Many times moms are in too big of a hurry to speak and less interested in listening. The way to learn is to listen. Children learn from moms as well as moms learn from children. It is not always easy for a mom to listen in a busied life nevertheless listening is sometimes the most important. Take the time to stop and listen to what your child has to say it will be a precious moment that can be turned into a precious memory. Moms need to be consistent with children. Children learn to trust this way. A mom says something it is important to follow through with that statement. Whether it be a boundary for a child (where they can go, curfews) or a special time and day set aside for them. Consistency is an everyday thing that will go on through the life of the child. They trust boundaries that are set for them and look forward to the time they get with mom. As children grow and have ideas of their own, it is important for moms to keep communicating and listening to their children. There are different needs in children as they grow and change and it is important for moms to recognize their changes and needs with an open mind and a lot of understanding. Sometimes tough love is a hard thing to for moms but a much-needed thing in children's lives.

And my mum because she's my emotional support. She's a female like me, so we talk about anything. She's there to cry to..

It's very effective. Children feel closer to parents who treat them like friends and listen to them more than those who rule by fear. When you treat your child like a friend, he/she will confide everything in you and this way can be saved from doing a lot of stuff that could be harmful for them or get them into trouble. Being a friend to your kid makes them feel closer to you, and protect them from outside influences that may be attractive but may get them into trouble.

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