Paragraph Structure

Topics: Flood, Victim, Shock Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Paragraph Structure

Introduction (one sentence – either a question, quotation, or statistic): We often see pictures of floods on the television news.
Topic Sentence (one sentence – Topic + Controlling Idea): The floods can be very damaging.
Points of Development:
1. Financially 2. Physically 3. Emotionally

BP1: Topic Sentence (POD#1):
First, the floods can cause a heavy financial loss to the victim. Explanation One(one sentence):
The victim has to pay for property and possessions destroyed by a flood. Example One (one sentence):
It takes a long time and many dollars to search for intact property deposited in the flood’s path or extensive areas. Explanation Two (one sentence):
The victim has to pay for cleaning and repairs.
Example Two (one sentence):
The floods make items touched wet, covered with mud and other debris, and weakened, which need to be cleaned and repaired. Explanation Three (one sentence):
The victim has to pay for another cost from insurance.
Example Three (one sentence):
The victim must pay extra costs because sometimes insurance policies do not cover natural disasters in full.

BP2: Topic Sentence (POD#2):
Second, the flood can cause the range of serious physical problem. Explanation One (one sentence):
The floods cause direct effects.
Example One (one sentence):
When people are swept away and threw into obstacles by the flood water, many people drown or receive cuts and broken bones. Explanation Two (one sentence):
The floods cause indirect physical effects.
Example Two (one sentence):
For example, flood water is often polluted and this can cause eye and skin infection.

BP3: Topic Sentence (POD#3):
The flood cause emotional problem to victim.
Explanation One (one sentence):
The flood shocks the victim.
Example One (one sentence):
The shock sometimes can last for a few days.
Explanation Two (one sentence):
Victims suffer from grief if they loss family and friends in the floods....
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