Paper on Family Day

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Svettlana Marie S. Verra March 1, 2013
Year 3 – Justice CLE Reflection Paper on Family Day

Manresa School never forgets to hold an event wherein kids from Nursery to teens from High School always look forward to this event, which is our Family Day. Like any other family days in the past, there were good food, fun activities, an awesome concert, and of course memories we will never forget.

Though I didn’t spend the Family Day with my family due to schedule with conflict, I was still able to spend it with my friends. They are my second family. We have problems here and there but no matter how big or small that is, we just forget about and move on. They mean a lot to me. They are like the sisters I would love to be with. We enjoy being with each other, laugh about silly things, eat out from time to time, actually just spending time with each other inside or outside the school. My friends are there when I need them, though sometimes I feel a bit lonely, they still make up for it. Like what I said, we just forget about it and move on because we won’t get anything from holding onto the past.

Though my family wasn’t with me, I spend every day with them. I do disrespect them sometimes, I can say that. But nevertheless, I love them with all of my heart. I lost someone already which is my Mommy. I have my Lolo, Lola, and my sister, Icee right now. They are all that I need. I couldn’t have asked for a better family. I would do everything for them, especially anything for my sister. When it comes to Icee, I am very sensitive. I don’t like her getting hurt. Especially when it comes to bullying. I’ll fight for her right to be happy and feel good about herself. I love her more than anyone in this world and I could never ever afford to lose her or at least my Lolo and Lola. I have been with them half of my life, actually every day of my life. Though sometimes we get annoyed at each other, in the end we still are a family and will end up...
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