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Topics: Mind, Psychology, Ethics Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: May 7, 2013
Epicurus is famous for being a ancient Greek Philosopher that created the school of philosophy called Epicureanism. His thoughts of pleasure and pain go much deeper than crying or smiling. He went beyond what others were doing, by standing back and watching the bigger picture of what’s morally right and wrong. Epicurus had a goal for human life and it is being happy, but happiness comes from absence of physical pain and mental disturbance. What that says is that we put ourselves through so much mental and physical pain to receive very little happiness. Epicurus as a Philosopher was ahead of his time and really put everyone’s ideas, thoughts, fears, and pleasures in words and explained how they worked in our bodies. There are two types of pleasure that we endure. The two are Kinetic and katastematic. The kind of pleasure we receive from kinetic is such as performing something just like eating or drinking. The food now makes us happier and satisfied for time being. Basically kinetic is some sort of activity that makes you feel happy. When your happy, you are more prone to live a exciting and progressive life. Katastematic gives us pleasure that feels like almost being totally isolated. What this means is you are receiving pleasure from not being distracted or bugged by others, makes you feel free. The absence of katastematic pleasure in the soul, is the highest good according to Epicures. The importance of kinetic and katastematic pleasures is that they occur in the body and soul. Epicurus thoughts on anxiety were that when people thought of death or other things most people don’t want to go through, they receive anxiety. Most of the anxiety you can have is probably from the thought of outrageous and impossible desires. By setting future goals and not obtaining them, this also can give you anxiety. The elimination process of anxiety can be done by nothing fast pace, his process is time. Our society already has an idea on how the world works and the...
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