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The Internet and Its Impact on Society
The new technological revolution is upon us with the invention of the World Wide Web, also known as the Internet. This is a magnificent break through in technology for the society and would definitely be considered as a technological revolution. People nowadays are much more powerful with the creation of this widely popular phenomenon. We now can search the web for key information with out stepping a foot out the door, or one into a library. We can sit at home in our pajamas and purchase and trade stocks. We can see and talk to people thousands of miles away with out buying a single airline ticket. And we can have fun while doing all of this at the same time, all with the use of the World Wide Web. The Internet has affected the society, businesses and the economy in ways of research, communication, economics, and entertainment. Research

Research has come a long way, from the 20th century to the present day. To find out an answer to a question people had to do hard research using large books like the encyclopedia and a dictionary. Though it may sound absurd that we are calling the dictionary a large book, people these days much rather find the definition on a computer than cycle through some pages. Society has become so used to the luxury of the Internet and the resources that it provides, that more and more people are beginning to open up their laptops instead of books. Information is beginning to virtually disappear from the printing press and is making a place for itself on the World Wide Web. Newspapers, articles, magazines, and books are soon to be “extinct” left behind in the dust. As more and more people beginning to buy technological gadgets like smartphones, tablets and laptops, they lose the need for hard copy material as they have all of that in the palm of their hand. Researching material has become as easy as a click to find information on a topic using these gadgets. I know for a fact that if I had an assignment in which I had to do research, I would right away go to the Internet and get the information with in minutes. Looking into a book doesn’t even cross my mind anymore, and I am sad to admit that. Sadly nowadays if the Internet goes down most children from this generation will have a harder time finding information at a public library than those from the previous generations who grew up with out computers. This is all based on luxury and adaptation to the current researching tactics. Once some one gets a chance to exploit a more convenient way to acquire resources they will never go back to the old ways. Same as doing research on the Internet, with its arrival, people will never want to do research flipping through hard cover books and paper magazines. A few years ago information was mainly acquired from books, newspapers, magazines, television shows, and radio broadcasts. But in 1995 a new juggernaut of research engines was born and released into the world, the Internet. According to a survey conducted at the University of Illinois in 2007, 58% of people (more than any other category) go to the Internet to find answers to a question (Clemmitt, M. 2008). Though not as accurate and fool proof as hard covered copies of information which are written by professionals, there is still a lot of great knowledge that is supplied by good writers on the World Wide Web today. A lot of sources are credible and trustworthy with valid facts and quotations. Unfortunately there are also a lot of websites that provide false information with people’s opinions instead of facts. When books or articles are published, they need to be edited by other writers and proof read to make sure all of the information is valid. On the Internet all one needs to have is a domain name and a website with texts of information. The sources on the websites do not have to be credible as it is their own private server where they host the information and can put whatever writing they want on it. Though some...
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