Pamanahong Papel

Topics: Value, Filipino psychology, Filipino people Pages: 4 (908 words) Published: January 17, 2013
The Development Of Filipino Ideals
Our ideals as social beings are shaped in the context of our environment. First, we emerge to be the persons that we are through our relationships with our families, friends and neighbors; our associates in school or in the workplace, the people in authority: teachers, superiors and leaders in the different institutions or sectors. Of special influence are the people who have taught us life principles by their nurturing behaviors and good examples. Second, our societal realities determine the extend by which our social development as a people is achieved. The healthy interplay between the responsiveness of our socio-political structures and leaders, on one hand, and the active and responsible citizenship of the people, and other hand, are essential in ensuring a governance that is maka-tao at maka-Diyos and thus, promotive of social development. Filipino value orientation for success

Filipinos in general, share common values for success. As a people, we promote our cultural heritage. For example, we pass on treasure Filipino proverbs from generation as our guide: precepts to observe or as warning to beware of. Consider the following : Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.

Ang tunay na anyaya, sinasamahan ng hila.
Kapag ang tao’y matipid, maraming maililigpit.
Ano man ang gagawin, makapitong iisipin.
Ang magalang na sagot ay makakapawi ng poot.
Ako ang nagbayo, ako ang nagsaing,
Saka nang maluto’y iba ang kumain.
Kung sino ang masalita
Ay siyang kulang sa gawa.

Successful Filipinos would draw life-enduring principles from those that are expressed in the proverbs stated above and live by them. People who succeed actualized their value ideals and manifest these as their distinguishing qualities or traits. They adhere to enduring life principles as standards for life and conduct. They are determined to utilize value ideals as the bases for making choices, preferences and actions. On the other hand, Filipino who are...
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