Pakistan and its natural resources

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Pakistan and natural resources


1. Introduction
2. The available natural resources
3. The bottlenecks in exploiting available natural resources 4. Valuable strategies to clinch benefits from the endowed natural resources 5. Conclusion

I. Introduction

Resources are defined as a means of meeting a need, particularly an economic or social need, of the people. The term usually refers to natural resources like land, water, air. Natural resources are largely unchanged materials of the land that are valuable to people and used in variety of ways Natural capital is one of the important pillars of good economic performance and development. It has been strongly believed from the time of Adam Smith and David Ricardo that the countries endowed with natural resources have an edge over countries those do not. Natural resource endowments can help countries to grow and diversify Pakistan is situated in a region where bulk of natural resources is found in its surroundings.

Pakistan is one of those countries which are endowed by the natural Resources
But unfortunately, owing for being underdeveloped state, Pakistan has not yet got the benefits as it has to be. This answer will also present some strategies to exploit the natural recourses.

2. The available natural resources

Pakistan recently discovered one low and four low-to-medium quality coal seams in the Punjab. Low sulfur coal was recently reported at the Baluchistan and near Islamabad. Bituminous, sub-bituminous, and lignite coal have been found in Pakistan. Coal reserves are estimated at 175 billion tons. This would equate to 618 billion barrels of crude oil. When compared to oil reserves his is more than twice the amount of the top four countries. If At KSA’s current usage, the reserves would last more than 200 years. Oil and Gas

Natural gas production is at a high level in Pakistan. Estimated reserves are 885.3 billion cubic meters (as of January 2009)....
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