Ovid: the Art of Love

Topics: Woman, English-language films, Love Pages: 4 (1633 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Ovid: The Art of Love
There have been numerous questions that have always confused mankind since the early days. The significance of life, how everything functions, is there a god of every single topic that still confuses humans. Although those concepts create a good argument, a topic that is time consuming in our lives is how to pick up on women. A main example of how old that problem has bothered men is in the book of Ovid: The Art of Love. We independently come up with our own style of picking up on a female through personal experiences and knowing stories. The majority advice given by Ovid is dead to me but there are a few things I do concur. Ovid seems like a man who has a well-built resume of being familiar with women as well as learned from other stories. The majority things he said in the book I am already familiar with and while I was reading I laughed at how time affects this topic very little. The first thing I have noticed was Ovid’s recommendation of judging a woman only during the day because all perspectives change when the combination of night and drinking are mixed. Even during the day can be difficult. You are walking behind them saying in your mind, “She is attractive”. But once you get the opportunity to pass by them and take a quick look back how many times have I said, “What was I thinking?” Nighttime is very similar but to an even greater degree. It isn’t until you are close enough to say if she is cute or not. This also goes for nightclubs where it is intentionally dark and misleading. Women that you danced with and looked marvelous the entire night immediately transform when the place is lighted up. That is why you get the digits in a lighted area if you are concerned about the looks. If not, then by all means take advantage of the darkness. In the present day, very little have maids so getting familiarized with the woman’s maids is getting familiar with her friends in a platonic manner, for the time being at least. If a woman likes...
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