Overpopulation: the Big Problem

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Daniel Lopez
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Overpopulation: The Big Problem
Population isn't really a big deal if you live in a small town (e.g. Reno), and it may not be of much importance in big cities (e.g. Las Vegas). By the time you have finished reading this proposal, the world would have already earned around 850 more lives, and by consequence ruined around 480 acres of wildlife. These seem like pretty hefty figures, but this is an accurate representation of how we are subconsciously multiplying, despite of the "big" awareness that many organizations have been bringing up. One of the main problems regarding overpopulation is the fact that we have excessively abused of our natural resources, such as gas or any natural and organic sources, e.g. deforestation. Another problem is how the growth of landfills has been exponentially increasing along the human population. Lastly, the position that society has placed us in has been deteriorating, with worries and preoccupations about funding more destruction of our habitat. We should help delay overpopulation by using less, recycling more often, and by promoting birth control.

As many have probably heard, overconsumption is a widely acknowledged stereotype of the American culture, and being as such, it can be a great contributing factor to this issue. The lack of natural resources which we excessively rely on can be the cause of our extinction. A study by the Zoological Society of London in 2010 has shown that if we keep up our rate of reliance, "...by 2030 we'll need the equivalent of two planets' productive capacity to meet our annual demands." Can we really expect Mother Nature to keep up with our desires?

But what really makes matters worse, is that people are actually conscientious in wanting to rely on these limited provisions! Biofuels are a new tactic that the government has been trying to balance the pending global warming. With all numbers crunched and variables considered, by the year...

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