Overcoming Oppression

Topics: The Holocaust, Oppression, Victim Pages: 2 (910 words) Published: April 20, 2014
PEOPLES OUTLOOK ON LIFE CAN GREATLY INFLUENCE THEIR CHANCES OF OVER COMING OPPRESSION. Oppression can affect people in many different ways, however their outlook on life can help to overcome harassment and become liberated once again. Those with positive attitudes to their life will find it easier to break free from oppression, rather than being negative and struggling to find freedom. A positive attitude has shown to fight back against oppression on many occasions and be successful in finding release from the pain of being burdened by oppressors. A negative attitude, however, has proven to be a very ineffective way of discovering freedom from the captivity of being an oppression victim. Evidence has shown the unsuccessfulness a negative outlook can bring to the escape of oppression. A negative outlook brings nothing but more problems and grief for someone searching for liberty. Although people can have positive and negative outlooks on life, one can be faced with the problem of not having any options, or plan of escape. A victim of oppression may find themselves under such serious domination, that no matter how positive or negative their outlook is, oppression will still crush them until they can try no more to find themselves a free being. Even when found under serious cases of oppression, a positive attitude has proven to turn a horrible situation around for many victims. Optimistic attitudes can clearly change ones state of mind, and determination to become a free person. This is evident in the novel “The Happiest Refugee”, a biography, written by Anh Do. Anh Do’s family were Vietnam citizens, who were desperately trying to find sanctuary over in Australia after the war. Anh and his family traveled across the ocean in a rickety old boat filled with forty people, through deadly conditions, facing dangerous pirates, all to break free from oppression and find refuge. The conditions were fatal, but Anh and his family stayed positive throughout their treacherous...
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