Outsourcing and Cap Gemini Ernst

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About Cap Gemini Ernst & Young
The Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Group is one of the world leaders in management consulting and IT services, dedicated to helping its client companies to develop and transform their organizations at every step of the value chain. Early 2002, the organization employed more than 56,500 people throughout Europe, North America and the Asia-Pacific region and the Group reported 2001 revenues of 8.4 billion euros. The Group offers its local and international clients, in more than 30 countries, services in: ·management and technology consulting;

·systems transformation;
·systems management (outsourcing);
·local professional services (Sogeti).
Our service lines are at the heart of the Cap Gemini Ernst & Young approach to the marketplace. They enable us to identify and reuse best practices for the benefit of all our customers. They also provide built-in centers of excellence around which we can rapidly develop new solutions. They are the key to higher levels of productivity and quality for all our clients. Service lines are the key to greater agility, consistency and productivity. They enable us to remove much of the uncertainty and most of the unacceptable variations in delivery quality which have long been endemic in the IT and Consulting markets. Each service line consists of: ·Methods, tools and techniques.

·World class alliance partnerships.
·Ability to mobilize world-class human expertise in support of offerings. ·Capture and roll-out of best practice.
Cap Gemini Ernst & Young has a growing range of key service lines and focused offering. We have around a hundred key offerings within this array of service lines, enabling us to deal with virtually any and every conceivable customer requirement. We are one of the top three global players in almost every service line. Outsourcing

Facing New Challenges
In an increasingly volatile world, it's easy to see why more and more companies are choosing the outsourcing route for their vital Information Technology (IT) support. Sector after sector is being turned upside down: by global competition, deregulation, the e-revolution, mergers and acquisitions, new demands from customers and shareholders, new technology or by new legislation. All these factors are creating new challenges and new opportunities for businesses of all kinds and for the public sector. Adapting to the volatility and change is crucially dependent on, and in many cases driven by, IT. But to successfully meet these challenges and grasp these opportunities, you must focus on what you do best, not on becoming systems experts. Yet at the same time you must be 100 per cent certain that your IT support is efficient, cost effective and totally tuned to your needs.

At Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, we understand the challenges of ongoing change and the importance of strategic focus. And we know exactly what those challenges mean for your IT, now and into the future. Our unique combination of vision, flexibility, practicality and proven experience can and will give you solid benefits in precisely those areas that are vital for ongoing success: ·Becoming more flexible and adaptive

The wrong IT can lock you into yesterday's practices, in effect 'fossilizing' your business. Many companies outsource in order to open up their IT to new levels of flexibility and adaptiveness. At Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, our global experience spanning all significant technologies and all business sectors empowers us to match your IT support to your ongoing business needs, however far and fast they might evolve. ·Transforming the business

Outsourcing your IT can be a prime catalyst for implementing strategic change. It can also support those changes once they have been implemented, and even play a big part in financing them. Cap Gemini Ernst & Young is pioneering Transformational Outsourcing for those forward-thinking clients who insist that their strategies and new directions remain fully...
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