Outline The Social And Cultural Factors That Influenced Him

Topics: Islam, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Jihad Pages: 2 (424 words) Published: May 19, 2015

Outline the social and cultural factors that influenced him. Sayyid Qutb Born in the early 1900 Egypt
Involved in the Modern revival of Islam
Grew up in a time where Egypt was forming its own national identity and breaking away from British rule He original had an interest in western society
He criticised the American way of life and Islamic attempts to adopt a similar life style as he felt that Egypt was moving from traditional values After returning from the USA in 1951 he found a great need for Islam to return to its spiritual roots He believed society should be governed according to the laws of Islam 3 ways in which he influenced Muslim society

Writings on important issues in society (Milestones 1965) 3 concepts: Aqida: The way people and society should interact, promoted the building the new Islamic society and infused with the fundamentals of Islamic law and Qur’an provided the guidelines for Islamic society. Jahiliyya: People who obstruct the ideal society, Declaration of ignorance included anything that opposes Islam should be eradicated and he applied this concept to modern Islamic societies that he felt had turned away from Islamic law and values due to the influence of European colonisation and imperialism. Jihad: To oppose all things other than Islam, It was the means to the rebirth of Islam through the use of violence, it promoted an armed revolution of Islam recognised the Islamic struggle in the world on a personal and communal level, he also believed in this concept that personal and violent struggle to implement certain ideologies. Caused much controversy over the ideas and attitudes it presented. Commentaries on the Qur’an

Association with the Muslim Brotherhood
This organisation opposed western influence in Egypt and the middle East He joined the Muslim brotherhood, he sort to ban alcohol and opposed British presence He became the chief editor of the brotherhoods news paper

“Allah is our objective. The prophet is our...
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