Outline current policies and legislation relating to children and how these affect your practice.

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Assignment 2
Outline current policies and legislation relating to children and how these affect your practice.

1989 The Children Act

States that the Local Authority has ‘a duty to investigate when there is reasonable cause to suspect that a child is suffering, or is likely to suffer, significant harm’, section 47
The Welfare of the child is paramount regarding his/her upbringing.
Parental rights duties and obligations are outlined.
Provisions are made regarding fostering, adoption, child minding and day care.
When making welfare decisions, the courts are obligated to take into consideration the Child’s wishes and feelings.
Law amendments are made, regarding Community, Voluntary and Children’s homes and voluntary organisations.

Every TA should know who the safeguarding officer/s are in the school and should know the appropriate ways to communicate with them.
There should be knowledge of safeguarding policies and procedures or at least access to copies of the above.
If there is reasonable cause to suspect an issue with a child at school, it is the duty of a Teaching Assistant to report it to the appropriate safeguarding officer.

1999 Protection of Children Act

Duty of Secretary of State to record names of people unsuitable for childcare employment.
All organisations must refer to PoCA list when checking prospective employees.
Made it an offence to employ anyone on the PoCA list, even if already employed.

A Teaching assistant has a duty to disclose any information regarding any other employees or prospective employees to superiors.

2003 Hidden Harm

Focused on children of parents or guardians with drug/alcohol addictions that cause serious negative consequences for themselves and their families.

Teaching Assistants should be familiar or at least have access to clear guidance on drug related instances.
TA’s have a responsibility to make sure that they, themselves, are adequately trained in recognising signs and possible indications of drug related

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