Our Town

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Elexus McCoy
Mr. Straff
English II

Our Town by: Thornton Wilder
Our Town by Thornton Wilder first takes place a town called Grove’s Corners in New Hampshire on May 7th 1901. Act II takes place on July 7th 1904 with a flashback. And Act III takes place in the summer of 1913 with a flashback to 1899. The rising action is the first romantic conversation between George and Emily and the couple’s wedding. The basis of this story is about a group of people that live in a fairly small town and they take life for granted. Act I is about the daily life of the characters in the story. Act II is about Love and Marriage between Emily and George. Finally Act III is about Death and Eternity which is about the death of Emily, Mrs. Gibbs, Wally Webb, and Simon Stimson. The main characters in Our Town are George Gibbs, Emily Webb, Dr. Gibbs, Mrs. Gibbs, Mr. Webb, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Soames and Simon Stimson. George Gibbs is Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs son. George is a high school baseball star he wants to attend the State Agricultural School. Later in the story he gets married to Emily Webb. Emily Webb is Mr. and Mrs. Webb’s daughter. Emily attends school with George and his neighbor. In the story she dies during childbirth. Dr. Gibbs is a civil War expert and Mrs. Gibbs had desire to visit Paris but she never took the time to fulfill her desires. Mr. Webb is Emily’s father and he also a publisher and editor of the Grover’s Corner Sentinel. Mrs. Soames was the person who gossips a lot and she also sung on choir along with Mrs. Webb and Mrs. Gibbs. Mrs. Soames later dies in the story. Simon Stimson was the choirmaster he was an alcohol and he was also the talk of the town due to his troubles in his life. Simon later in the story committed suicide by hanging himself in an attic. This story has various themes, one is the theme is the Cycle of Life. This means as one life ends another begins. For example when the twins were first born another life was being ended as Emily...
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